Why Curio?

Why Curio?

It’s an interesting question which I get asked a lot. I have done many things in my life, all of which have had the central theme of promoting wellness and health, be it mind, body, spirit, or all three at once, as they are all interlinked.

Since I was quite young, I have had a fascination with crystals, gemstones, and nature and the naturally occurring beauty that surrounds us all every day, but we sometimes forget to stop and look at or appreciate. I also love unique jewellery, that has an individual look and feel, and enjoy how good it makes me feel to wear it. Over time I found myself referring to some of my favourite pieces as power pieces. These were the ones that I would find myself repeatedly choosing in different situations where I wanted to induce a feeling of confidence, safety, softness, strength, or inspiration etc.

I also have a background in research, and a curious mind, so when buying items for my own personal collection, I would research suppliers and producers, look in all the nooks and crannies, and see what was hiding under any rock I saw to find the perfect pieces that resonated with me. This can be a time consuming quest, but an enjoyable one, and you learn a lot as you go.

One key observation I made was that when shopping online for unique pieces, many reviews I read voiced similar concerns and a clear dissatisfaction with the trend of buying a piece that replicates the piece in the image provided by the retailer, but received something that wasn’t quite the same, and was missing the specific, unique, characteristics and feel, which drew them to purchase in the first place. This was something I had also experienced myself so could easily relate to the feelings of disappointment customers were feeling. And this is where the idea for Curio was born.

Curio, provides options for finding those perfect pieces that you just love and feel good wearing, and you can shop with confidence as every single item is photographed individually, so you know that piece you fell in love with because of the way the colours interplay, or the naturally occurring design in the stone, or the hues etc. is the exact piece you will receive, and we are open to feedback, ideas and comments from our customers, in fact we actively invite them. Our approach is a win/win approach, Curio shares beautiful and unique items, and customers can enjoy these by purchasing the exact items that resonate best with them.

This is all while celebrating the beauty provided by the natural world around us.

We are delighted to welcome you to Curio and look forward to providing people with the pieces they love, for many years to come.


Cheers and Welcome

Judi Reed


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