May Birthstones

Green Emerald is traditionally seen as the May birthstone. And it is beautiful stone indeed, so beautiful in fact that it has also become associated with royalty, and its use in crowns and jewellery, dating all the way back to Cleopatras day. Indeed, it is said that Cleopatra was so enamoured with its beauty that she deemed that all of the Emerald mines in Egypt at the time of her reign belonged to her.

Now, very few of us have power akin to Cleopatra, but many of us can still appreciate the beauty of Emeralds and even treat ourselves to a unique piece of Emerald jewellery to wear and cherish. But if you are born in May and don’t feel a calling to wear Emeralds, modern day birthstone lists do provide alternatives such as Chrysoprase which is said to symbolise happiness and stimulate creativity, and Agate, which is perhaps one of the most versatile ornamental stones with its wide offering of colours and patterns.

So, if you’re looking to find a variety of pieces that resonate with your birth month, it is worth checking out the spectrum of Agate varieties which are available, such as blue, green, pink and purple, and crazy lace, flower, and stick agate. You would most likely be able find something different for every day of the month, or just stick with the traditional and timeless Emerald. Either way you can’t go wrong.

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